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Brass Fittings

We manufacture a wide range of fittings suitable

for all refrigerants and water applications.
A Selection of standard products are shown below.

P.C.TAKASHIMA fittingpro1.jpg
  • Access Valves 3/16" , 1/4"

P.C.TAKASHIMA fittingpro4.jpg
  • Unions, Half Unions & Flare Nut

P.C.TAKASHIMA fittingpro2.jpg
  • Copper Distributors & Brass Distributors

P.C.TAKASHIMA fittingpro5.jpg
  • Strainers with Brass Filter or Stainless Filter

P.C.TAKASHIMA fittingpro3.jpg
  • Female Flare to Male Flare & Couple Flare Nuts with Copper Pipes

P.C.TAKASHIMA fittingpro6.jpg
  • Half Union with Orifice

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