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Dual Restrictor Flow Control : 

was developed as a solution to space limitation problems on Packaged terminal heat pump units as well as mini split systems.


In these relatively small units the conventional plumbing includes seven or eight brazed joints needed to connect two capillary tubes, two check valves, two strainers and the associated bypass plumbing.


Dual Flow Control replaces these items with one compact, self-contained unit, which needs only two brazed joints to install.


This reduces installation time, cost, and minimizes potential system leakage.

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Fixed Restrictor Flow Controls : 

for cooling applications also reduce installation time and cost with direct copper-to-copper brazing. Fixed Restrictor Flow Controls are available in a variety of lengths, end configurations, orifice sizes and copper tube configurations.

Bi-Flow Restrictor Flow Controls :

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Male Flare to Male Flare

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Female Flare to Male Flare

P.C.TAKASHIMA orifices4.jpg

Solder to Male Flare

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Copper Bi-Flow

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